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Shocker! Young Girl Found R*ped And Murdered In Jos On Her 16th Birthday, Nigerians Demand Justice


Comfort Benjamin

Many angry Nigerians on social media are currently tweeting the trending hashtag #JusticeForComfortBenjamin, for a 16-year-old girl, Comfort Benjamin, who was reportedly abducted, raped and murdered by unknown persons in Jos, Plateau State.

It was learnt that the incident occurred on May 22, when the teenager was raped to death a day to her 16th birthday in Jos.

β€œShe went missing on her 16th birthday and the next day they found her lifeless body. She was kidnapped, raped, strangled and thrown out naked.

She was just 16,” a commentator narrated.

Jamila Motunrola via @mobytoolz said, β€œWe need to find her killer/killers. She was only 16years old. Comfort was raped, strangled and murdered. She was found naked. We need to get justice for this beautiful soul. She died on her birthday eve. JusticeForComfortBenjamin.”

Another commentator, @bums_law said, β€œShe was Raped. Murdered. Dumped naked at the roadside. These are photos meant to be used to celebrate her 16th birthday; it’s so painful. She deserves justice. Please, if you can see this, tweet #Justiceforcomfortbenjamin

How long will this continue, for God’s sake?!”

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