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Outrage As Company Owned By Whites Trademark The Word ‘Yoruba’


Outrage As Company Owned By Whites Trademark The Word ‘Yoruba’

Nigerians have lambasted Timbuktu Global, a company owned by two white Brits after they trademarked the word ‘Yoruba’, thereby preventing anyone else from using it.

The move has drawn massive outrage by Nigerians on social media.

Timbuktu Global, an outerwear clothing retailer owned by two White-British people from the North of England, trademarked Yoruba, opposing anyone else from using it, not even Yoruba people.

The discovery that this company has trademarked “Yoruba” was made by CultureTree TV when they tried to trademark their programme that teaches children Yoruba language, called “Yoruba Stars”. They discovered then that the word “Yoruba” is off-limits.

There was an outrage following this revelation and Nigerians trooped to TimbuktuGlobal’s Twitter and Instagram accounts to call them out.

They have now apologized and they say they will now release the name to be used by the public.

See Their Apology Below;


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