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Nigerians Attack Nnamdi Kanu After He Mocked Iheanacho, Ndidi For Displaying Nigeria Flag After FA Cup Victory

Ndidi and Iheanacho

Ndidi and Iheanacho


Nigerians have lashed out at leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu for taking a swipe at Super Eagles stars, Kelechi Iheanacho and Wilfred Ndidi after they showed off Nigerian flag following Leicester City’s FA Cup final 1-0 victory against Chelsea on Saturday.


Iheanacho and Ndidi celebrated their win by displaying Nigerian flag for their first ever FA Cup title for Leicester City.


Reacting Kanu, on his Twitter handle, described their action as shameful.


Kanu wrote: ”Gerard Pique is a World Cup winner with over 103 caps for Spain. He never turned his back against Catalonia freedom.

“Severally, he has shown open support for Catalan freedom.

“But our Iheanacho and Ndidi with Nigeria flag? Shame! Difference between White man and his Black counterparts.”


However, Nigerians are not happy with Kanu as they insisted that he should not disturb the players with his problems.


Below are some comments gathered by DAILY POST:


@CountryDan93, “@MaziNnamdiKanu Do what you must do and leave these footballers out of it. If you did follow them you did see that they sing, communicate and promote the Igbo culture. Southern and some parts of Northern Nigeria supported them yesterday. They were only showing appreciation. Leave them out! ”


@KabiruJambil, “@MaziNnamdiKanu A pure black man do racisms to his black counterparts, shame on you.”


@RuthMadaki1, “@MaziNnamdiKanu can they shine in peace please? Biafra no join them play match. They can choose to celebrate how they want to after all it was their personal victory. May God give them even greater career success.”


@Striving4Haqq, “@MaziNnamdiKanu you are a fool, how many times will they tell you that this your dream can’t be actualized, it’s suicidal, Catalonia is a territory before Colonization and nothing like Biafra in history, Igbo nation never existed as a territory before Colonial era.”


@goonergerian, “@MaziNnamdiKanu Baba rest joor..Both senior man Kelechi and Ndidi are members of the Super Eagles of Nigeria’s squad. The state of Biafra is not sovereign, recognised or known. As for Catalonia, they have their own flag as a state, Pique raising that flag doesn’t mean he supports secession.”


@AlaribeEmeka, “@MaziNnamdiKanu not all athletes join sports with politics, after all many Africans are representing foreign teams, and flying their flags, that doesn’t mean their heart is there. Remember Dele Alli, Saka, etc play for England, and would surely fly the English flag than the green and white.”


@DAfirstQUEEN, “@MaziNnamdiKanu perhaps they don’t like Biafran concept, not everyone does and I think u should respect that too. That is the difference between white man and his black counterparts.”


@Stanley24823919, “@MaziNnamdiKanu yesterday marks the beginning of the end of my support to these Igbo (Ndidi and Iheanacho) of Leicester City Football Club, for displaying a terrorist Nigeria flag of Nigeria disappointed in you.”


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