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Meet The Woman Who Built A Home For Her 7 Husbands (Video)


The woman and her husbands

A woman married to seven different men has disclosed how she built a home for each of them and how the marriage thrives.

A polyandrous woman who is married to 7 husbands, has spoken out on how she got married to them and built a house for each of them.

While narrating her story, the woman identifies as a powerful spiritualist and claimed none of her husbands would dare cheat or think of leaving her.

She shared her story with Afrimax, narrating how she takes care of the needs of the 7 of them.

The woman also said she built a house for each of them, but whenever she wants to spend time with any of them she draws a sleeping schedule.

She also noted that she has no problem with having more husbands.

Watch Video Below;

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