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Ebonyi Explosion: Tell Nigerians The Truth




The Peoples Democratic Party has tasked the police in Ebonyi to reveal the truth about the explosion that rocked a community in the state.


This comes after the police and the state government gave different accounts as to what caused the explosion.


The explosion took place at Amizu Amangbala Primary School in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State on Tuesday.


It was reported that a suicide bomber wearing explosive vest blew himself to death.


But the police in the state claimed that one of their officers had mistakenly hit a teargas hung on his belt and it exploded.


Issuing a statement on Wednesday, the Publicity Secretary of the party in the state, Silas Onu, frowned on the conflicting accounts of the police and the state government on the incident.


The party, therefore, urged the police to eschew all forms of invitation to be political in the discharge of their duty.


The statement reads: “The PDP in Ebonyi State is concerned that the authorities saddled with the responsibility of securing the state have sadly painted two opposite narratives concerning one incident.

“It is not in doubt that a man dressed in police uniform is lying dead on the said premises. The police had claimed him as one of their own.


“However, they also claimed he died of a teargas malfunction. Well, that is simplistic and at variance with the accounts of eyewitnesses.”

“On the other hand, it became more concerning when the Ebonyi State government made a press release wherein it claimed that it was not a bomb explosion, but a grenade explosion. What is really the difference? Both can kill scores of people if deployed properly.


“We demand an open investigation of this matter as policemen do not go about their lawful duty carrying grenade.”

“On our part, we condemn all forms of attack on anyone in Ebonyi State. We had and will continue to condemn attacks on the police.

“We also call on the police to build trust with the people by showing themselves to be with the people, not against them. The police must eschew all forms of invitation to be political in the discharge of their duty,” the party submitted.


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