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“As A Woman, There’s Nothing I Find More Attractive In A Man Than Consistency”

Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa


Controversial Nigerian OAP, vlogger and entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa has stated that at the stage she is now, the only thing she finds attractive in a man is consistency.

 She disclosed this on her Twitter handle.

”As a woman in the space/stage I’m at now, there’s nothing I find more attractive in a man than consistency, that “do as I said I would” energy is so admirable, I fuck with that.

Truth is we as you grow older you’ll realize how much easier it is to be straight up with yourself first, I hardly tell lies these days cos to be honest, no one is feeding me, I don’t need to waste my own time sugar coating words or not matching energy, everyone will be ok.

To keep the 10 commandments these days is easy, I don suffer plenty on earth pls I can’t risk going to hell for anybody. It is either Yes, No, Maybe – I’ll see what I can do (communicated) or sorry it’s not a good time right now for this. I’m an adult, no need for games.”’she tweeted.



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