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Shocking Story Of Mum Who Threw Her Newborn Baby Down A Rubbish Chute (Photos)

Ana Carolina Moraes da Silva

The rubbish container where the mum disposed of the new-born girl. (Image: Newsflash)

According to a report by Daily Star UK, a Brazilian mum is facing trial after she allegedly killed her newborn baby girl by throwing her down a sixth-floor rubbish chute after sending texts to her partner saying she ‘didn’t want another mouth to feed.’

The newborn baby girl’s body was found wrapped up with newspapers in a black bin bag sealed with a hairband inside a waste container in front of the building in southeastern Santos in back June 2018.

Ana Carolina Moraes da Silva, who already had a three-year-old daughter, will face trial alongside her ex-partner Guilherme Bronhara Martinez Garcia.

Coroners gave the cause of death as the fall from the sixth floor as the child showed signs of trauma to the head.

Silva has been held in a women’s prison in the municipality of Tremembe since her arrest on suspicion of homicide and concealment of the corpse. If found guilty, she could face 30 years in prison.

The mother and alleged killer of a new-born found dead inside a rubbish container (Image: Newsflash)

Garcia, who was living with Silva at the time, is accused of preventing her arrest as he told police that she and her three-year-old daughter were away at the time.

WhatsApp messages viewed by investigators showed how Silva was dissatisfied with her daughter and did not want “another mouth to feed”.

Later messages sent from Garcia to Silva read “You killed my daughter”, followed by “Get rid of it”.

The lawyer defending Silva, Leticia Giribelo Gomes do Nascimento claimed it took 98 days for medical officials to issue a psychiatric test to the mother after her daughter was born.

She has also complained that her client has been in preventive detention for three years without trial or conviction and said that Silva has no prior convictions.

She argued that her client committed the crime due to postpartum depression.

Silva had earlier claimed that she thought she had suffered a miscarriage and disposed of the baby’s body so as not to scare her other daughter.

She is also reported to have had untreated depressive episodes prior to her pregnancy and has attempted suicide in jail upon her preventive detention.

However, prosecutors believe the crime was premeditated.

The date of the trial will be decided upon in the coming days.


Source: Daily Star UK

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