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Nigerian Businessman Killed By A Drunk Driver While Trying To Help A Stranded Man In The US


Obinna Ugorji

A Nigerian businessman was killed by a drunk driver while trying to help a stranded man in Sacramento, California

Ogechi Ugorji,his wife, is in mourning and shaken by the sudden loss of her husband Obinna Ugorji – the loving father of their three young children ages 4, 2 and 10 months. “His kids miss him so much,” Ogechi said in a report by CBS Sacramento.

The Nigerian-American family had moved to the Sacramento area to live out big dreams. Obinna was the owner of a company that included a towing operation. He was planning to expand. “He’s a man of dreams, of many dreams. The tow truck company is just a part of it,” his wife said.

Ugorji was on what would have been one of his last calls of the night  when he helped a stranded driver and was hit and killed outside his tow truck on Interstate 5 near Seamus Avenue.

The California Highway Patrol arrested the driver who hit Obinna. Larry Godbold is facing DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter charges. “Driving under the influence needs to stop. A lot of lives, too many lives, have been lost,” Obinna’s brother said.

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