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“Im Really Glad I Could Overcome”


Yetunde Abimbola Okuneye

Yetunde Abimbola Okuneye, a Nigerian lady took to social media to thank God for helping her stop masturbating while revealing she has been clean for 7 months.

According to Yetunde, she started masturbating at a really young age and overcoming the habit is a win for her.

“I stopped masturbating 7 months ago. I can’t even imagine myself doing it anymore. One of my small wins.” she tweeted on Saturday, April 3.

“I started masturbating at a really young age. Really glad I could overcome.”
she added.

On how she overcame masturbation, she mentioned discipline, God and her partner.

“Discipline – I know you have heard this before. God – There were times I say this short prayer “Holy Spirit, please help me to sleep. My partner”




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