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Police Officer Allegedly Brutalizes 58-year-old Woman (Photos)


The victim

A lady took to Twitter to show the bruises her 58-year-old mother sustained after she was allegedly brutalized by a police officer.

@quinnhessie alleged that her mother was assaulted by the policeman after she told him that the refuse he was burning was affecting her health.

She Tweeted;

“See what policeman did to my mum. 58 years old woman……

So speechless right now

He always want to ride us because is a police man we are leaving a life of fear in that house…..nah our neighbour o two flat. he beat my mum up because my mum told him d refuse is burning is affecting her health.

She came outside n told him dat wat u burnin d smoke is really affecting me she went indoor n brought out some water to die down d smoke d man came outside n said wat my mum did he wud jail her my mum said u can’t jail me d police man went inside n brought out cutlass n beat her. “



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