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Nigerian Man Praises Mother That Respected His Father Even When She Was The Family’s Breadwinner (Photo)

Udom shared the story on Facebook

Udom shared the story on Facebook


A Nigerian man has put his mother on the spotlight for setting a good example for him.


According to George Udom, he decided to celebrate his mother for the way she respected and honoured his father even when she was the family’s breadwinner at some point in their 45 years of marriage.


His post on Facebook reads ;


“It’s okay to honor and respect your husbands, cook for him, serve him, do his laundry and generally take care of him. Don’t be carried away by the hullabaloo around. Cultivate an atmosphere of love and honor in your beautiful home. And if you decide not to, please don’t make fun of women who do. Leave them alone!” he wrote on Sunday.

“My mom was at some point the only breadwinner for years but she still would come home and make sure my dad was well taken care of. We had cooks but she was always the one who served him his food. I admire how much she has honored my dad for over 45years now and counting”


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