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Wike Accuses FG of Plotting to Harass Judges

Wike Says FG Is Planning To Destabilize The Judiciary

Wike Accuses FG of Plotting to Harass JudgesRivers state governor, has accused the Federal Government of plotting to harass and intimidate federal judges.

Wike said that the President administration has marked 200 judges for disgrace if they refuse to comply with their demands.

He made this statement on Sunday, February 3, at a church service at the Greater Evangelism World Crusade, in Port Harcourt.

According to Wike, this plot which he heard about from a minister, is to destabilize the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and Federal High Court.

“I intercepted a discussion by a minister of the Federal Executive Council, where he was telling a gathering that they were happy that they had dealt with the Supreme Court. The minister said that the next set would be the Court of Appeal justices and the Federal High Court judges. The minister said any judge that fails to cooperate will face trump up charges and would be compelled to resign.

“This failed federal government has gone to the Code of Conduct Bureau to get the asset declaration forms of 200 judges. Any judge that fails to follow their evil plot, will be harassed with false allegations and persecution.

“The Church should continually pray for the Federal Judiciary. The judiciary in Nigeria is under siege. If anything happens to the judiciary, our democracy is in trouble. The Church needs to pray for the judges to remain strong in the face of intimidation and harassment,” he said

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