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Mother Scars Her Son For Breaking Flask In Enugu

There has been series of cases of abusive mothers who leave scars on children’s bodies. This time, a 7-year-old son is reportedly the victim.

The boy was reportedly beaten and scarred by his Enugu-resident mother for breaking  her food flask.

Instagram user, , who shared the story on her Instagram page said that the boy came to school today with sores all over his body.

She added that when he was asked who was responsible for his injuries, he refused to open up and instead lied that he fell down.

He eventually revealed that his mother was the one who beat him.

According to the Ifeoma, they are waiting with police officers for the boy’s abusive mother.

Sharing about the child abuse incident, the Instagram user wrote,

This is what I found in my mum’s school today cus he broke his mum’s food flask. We kept asking who did this to you he said he fell down it took almost one hour before he said it’s his mum. This here is inhumane for a child of 7 years Jesus this not fair. We are definitely waiting for her with police

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