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Latest Articles

A.I drops “Gyal Dem” feat. Flash & Produced By Chordless.

You’re now rocking with the best! Talented rapping up and comer A.I. is back with another banger. Following …

DanZak comes through with a new single “Loco”, alongside its visuals.

May I kindly present to you this new release from DanZak, a singer/songwriter and airline pilot that has made a…

Daayuur Premieres “She Carry” Music Video.

Singer, Songwriter and Live Performer, Daayuur is a Nigerian born international artist specializing in Afrobeats…

Great Cornerstone International School: Blogger who started scandal against school…

My name is Bhadmus Habdulakeem (@TheBhadoosky). I’ll like to make important clarification concerning the incidence…

Just In: Nigerian Senate approves N30,000 minimum wage.

The Senate on Tuesday approved N30,000 as the new national minimum wage. This decision was reached after the upper…

Majid Michel flies out of Ghana for surgery.

Two years ago, Popular Ghanaian Actor, Majid Michel revealed that his voice has been breaking. Having gone…

Actress Safina Haroun reveals why she avoids panties.

If you think the Ghanian actress, Safina Haroun is a fan of panties, you lied. The actress discloses this recently,…

6 Things to Do When You’re Bored

It's always annoying to remain bored especially when in-door but hey there are a lot of things to do when you are…
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