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Rewane Says Atiku Should Tell Nigerians Who He Intends to Sell NNPC To

Rewane Says Atiku Should Tell Nigerians Who He Intends to Sell NNPC To

The Chief Executive Officer of Financial Derivatives Company, , has said that  , should tell Nigerians  how and to who he intends  to sell the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation ().

He made this call to the People’s Democratic Party presidential candidate on Channels Business Morning on Monday November 19.

“I agree that the NNPC should be privatised, but selling to who?

“You must not just say you are going to sell, you must tell us how, and to who? he questioned, he said.

He explained that such systems are better run as Nigerian privately-owned than government owned, just as its done in Saudi-Arabia.

“If you are going to have a voucher system as they have in India, where everybody in the public then you can sell it.

“Tell us who and who, and how you are going to ensure that it is not sold to your own cronies.

“One of the big risks of privatisation is the Russian model, where you have chronic capitalism.

“If you have businessmen, who are in government like Donald Trump, you want to make sure that both the government and the people are protected from conflicts of interest.”

Mr Rewane called on the Atiku to guard against selling to “öur own cronies”, in the name of privatisation.


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