FIFA confirms November, December dates for 2022 World Cup

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president, Gianni Infantino has announced that the 2022 in Qatar will be played between 21 through 18.

Infantino, however, failed to confirm the number of participating teams.

The next edition of the tournament will switch to the winter months because of the summer climate in Qatar.

“The for the World Cup are set. It will played in Qatar from Nov. 21 to Dec. 18, 2022.

“The leagues are all aware and they will have to adapt their calendars as a consequence.

“In the end it is the right decision. It cannot be played in June and July and in November and December the players are very well prepared because it is almost the beginning of the season,” Infantino told a press conference on Friday.

Infantino added that Qatar can insist on keeping a 32-team format, though he is “pretty sure that all options will be on the table.”

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