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Veteran Actress, Madam Saje Reveals There Is Hardship In Nollywood

There is hardship in Nollywood – Madam Saje

Ace Nollywood actress, has set the records right as most Nigerians believes all actors are wealthy and live lavish lifestyles, the actress revealed there is hardship in Nollywood.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, she said,

“Our leaders should have mercy on us. There is suffering in Nollywood. I just pray that God will make them have good thoughts towards us. If we are treated the way actors are treated in the western countries, you can imagine where we would be.

The only thing keeping many of us here is the passion we have for the job. If not for that, some people would have resorted to selling wares at Oshodi. There are no structures in place and pirates are also dealing with us.

“As for me, I have spent over 45 years in this industry; so, it is something that is already part of me. I cannot readily change to do another thing. However, I am happy that I don’t beg to eat and I am able to do things that my peers engage in.”

On what she thinks about some young actresses who engage in ‘prostitution’ in order to live glamorous lives, Madam Saje said,

“I can only speak for myself. I cannot say anything about what people do in their private moments. However, if the industry is buoyant, there wouldn’t even be mention of things like this. It is because of the hardship in the sector that some people engage in untoward acts.”

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