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Singers, Lil Kesh And Olamide Blasted By Fans For Promoting ‘Internet Fraud’ And ‘Money Ritual’ In New Song Logo Benz

Lil Kesh and Olamide slammed for promoting ‘yahoo-yahoo’ and ‘blood money’ in Logo Benz

Nigerian singers, and has been blasted by so many fans for promoting ‘internet fraud’ and ‘money ritual’ in their new song, Logo Benz.

Lil Kesh and Olamide were slammed by Nigerians over  “If money no enter i go do blood money” line in their new song ‘Logo Benz’.  Here are reactions from some Nigerians below;

@officialdaddymo wrote;

Why is the new Lil Kesh and Olamide song promoting/glorifying ritual killings/blood money?? Why must you use terrible lyrics like this??
“If money no enter i go do blood money”

There needs to be a line that you can’t cross when it comes to lyrics in music. This is one of them.

@Terrybrainz wrote;

Olamide is a cancer to the Nigerian music industry and youths in general

This new song with lil kesh is just rubbish

What kinda lyrics is this ?

“If money no enter i go do blood money”

Are you freaking kidding me ? ? ?

Super wow !

Nah! Olamide is canceled!

@Isimaodeh wrote;

This Olamide and Lil Kesh song is painful to listen to. A song that glorifies rituals, internet fraud and blood money. What does “If money no enter, I go do blood money” mean? That song will get across to millions of youth, that’s the worst part. There is no excuse for this.

@DirectedbyDiji wrote;

~ Reason why likes of Reminisce, Jhybo & Seriki will come first for me before any rapper that claims to be king of street.

Being street doesn’t make you insensitive via lyrics –

“If money no enter, I go do blood money” – Lyrics from new lil kesh & Olamide song.TRASH!

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