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Rapper, Travis Scott Denies Cheating On Kylie Jenner

Travis Scott denies cheating on Kylie Jenner

American rapper, who was accused of cheating on his babymama, after a mysterious blurry photo of a man who looked a lot like him and another woman, surfaced online has denied the allegation.

Travis who denied cheating on Kylie Jenner via Instagram, wrote;

“Trolls always wanna create some fake sh– to destroy real love,” Scott wrote on his Instagram Stories. “GOING OVER BOARD TO MAKE SHIT LOOK LIKE IS NOT IS EVIL.”

“I hate acknowledging sh–. But quit try to take joy from shit that’s good. I pray god blocks out all evil,” Scott continued before adding that he was going “BACK TO CELEBRATING!!!!”

This came few hours after the Travis shared a screen grab of both the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and Billboard 200 chart, which showed his song “Sicko Mode” from his latest album Astroworld as number one as well as the album itself at number one.

However linked to the Texas rapper has been identified as Melaninn Barbie, who has a few Instagram photos and about 8,000 followers. She was spotted wearing a necklace with a butterfly pendant (Travis Scott’s famous symbol after his song butterfly effect) way back in August.

She posted the TMZ photo with caption ‘Everybody hates me but your baby daddy keeps me icy’.

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