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Rapper, Nicki Minaj Defends New Boyfriend, Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty Convicted Of Rape

Nicki Minaj finally addresses rapist reports about her new boyfriend

American rapper has taken to the comment section of her instagram post to defend her new boyfriend Kenneth ‘Zoo’ Petty, who was convicted of rape, way back in 1995 as a teenager.

The rapper had showed him off yesterday on her Instagram page, fueling rumours of the duo dating just days after they were first spotted together.

She wrote:

Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?..it’s no secret…that the both is us are running out of time.’

Despite the backlashes from a whole lot of people, some of her fans came in her defence and mentioned that it is her happiness that matters and nothing else.

One of her fan had written that since the allege rape happened while he was a teenager and the accuser was white in 1994, then it was likely that he had been wrongly convicted.

The rapper then replied saying the world can’t decide what she wants for herself.

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