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Rapper, Cardi B Explains Why She Went On Vacation With Offset

Cardi B explains jet ski picture with Offset

American female rapper, has explained to her fans why she went on vacation with her estranged, after jet ski picture of the both of them went viral.

According to the rapper, she just had to get f*cKed.

Cardi B is stated in her Instagram post that she is not back to Offset, added that the jet ski instructor tricked her into letting him take their picture on his phone and promised to delete it. The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper who claimed the Ski instructor sold the picture to TMZ, said;

“Let me tell you something about the jet ski ni**a, right? The instructor or whatever the fuck he is–he was taking pictures of us on his phone like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna send you these pictures so you guys can have a memory and I’m going to delete it.’ I’m like, ‘Oh OK’”

“What type of professional shit is that?” she said before holding up the brochure of the jet ski company and warning her followers to avoid them.

Cardi B then went on to say, “I just had to get fucked. That’s all. I feel rejuvenated, bitch. “Bitch, I feel fucking baptized. I feel like a brand new fucking woman.”

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