“She tweeted and reached out. She tried to contact him and rushed to see him. But, he didn’t want to talk to her and made it clear,” a source revealed, noting Grande’s trip to NBC’s studios in midtown Manhattan. “She has been worried sick, but doesn’t know what else she can do.”

As Grande told one fan over the weekend, she doesn’t have Davidson’s number. Still, “she will always be there for him in any way that she can,” the source said.

The comedian later appeared live on the show to introduce the episode’s musical guest, . The NYPD also revealed earlier in the day that they had performed a wellness check on the star.

“Pete was alone and in a very dire place when he posted,” the source explained. “He has been with friends ever since and they are trying to help him get through this. He doesn’t want to be in contact with Ariana or hear what she has to say.”