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Noble Igwe Reveals The Level Of Poverty In The Country Is Helping Churches Thrive

Level of poverty in the country helps churches thrive – Noble Igwe

has revealed that the level of poverty in the country has helped churches to thrive while reacting to the controversy surrounding ‘rich pastors in Nigeria’.

According to Noble Igwe, most Nigerians think that church will make life better for them. His wrote on twitter;

The level of poverty in the country helps the churches to thrive. Because they believe that church will make life better for them.

This is coming after condemned founder of the Living Faith Church, Bishop , for saying that he is dangerously wealthy. Speaking on the topic “Heralding the dominion era of the church,” the clergyman boasted of God’s blessings on him and that he has a clear conscience.

“I don’t share any booty from any government. I have a clear conscience; I am dangerously wealthy. I am rich, whatever I want, comes. That’s what they call wealth,” he said.

But the on-air personality said:

“I can’t wait to watch a video of this screeching sorry I meant preaching..??

“How can a man who claims he is from God brag like this? If people stopped giving him their money his bragging will end, but the problem is they can never stop giving him out of the little they have.

“How can you claim to be so dangerously rich teaching about a kind God in a country so dangerously poor? NIGERIA, ACCORDING TO THE WORLD POVERTY REPORT, IS THE POVERTY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD?”

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