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Mompha Acquires 2019 G-Wagon Worth N102m

Mompha buys 2019 G-Wagon worth N102m

Dubai based Nigerian big boy, has acquired a 2019 G-Wagon worth 102million Naira, he took to his instagram page to show off his new ride.

Mompha who bought the 2019 G-Wagon at his base in Dubai, paid for the car in cash, while showing off his newly aquried 2019 G-Wagon the businessman wrote;

Mercedes G Wagon Biturbo Edition 1 2019 Zero Kilometer 💰💰💰 Wow 2018 was a great Year Congrats to Me 🙏🏿 Billie u do this one 😂😂😂 102million naira ko di kobo 👑💰👑

This is coming barely few months after the Dubai based Nigerian businessman, bought a Rolls Royce worth N150m.

Mompha who used to be good friends with another online big boy, Hushpuppi, also took photos as he said he was avoiding a situation where it would be stated that he borrowed the car or some other lie. The two (Hushpuppi and Mompha) got into a huge feud last year.

On his social media account Mompha waxed lyrical about his new purchase; ”Rolls Royce Wraith 2018 Zero Kilometre ??? No borrow Pose ? No Rental like Some Broke Ass Fake Nigga ??.. Straight up Cash ?? This is what 150 million naira luxury Beast looks like ??????. #Babaolowo #RollsGanG”

He also shaded Hushpuppi saying; “Make i post the receipt before one fake ass broke Nigga that doesn’t have a tyre nor a building to his name will come and say my baby is on loan. Nigger that cannot pay common $5k since June, Onigbese ranu… 150 million naira no be child’s play”

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