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Kim Kardashian Seen Smoking From Penis Pipe With Ray J In New Leaked Video

Leaked video shows Kim Kardashian smoking from penis pipe with Ray J

Tv reality star, is seen smoking from penis pipe with her ex-boyfriend Ray J in a new video which recently surfaced online.

The video obtained by Radar Online was released just days after Kim claimed during a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, that she was on ecstasy when she filmed her infamous 2003 sex tape with Ray J.

In the video, the pair had a smoke session out of a pipe shaped like a penis in a room.

“This is what I got for Simone and Allison,” she says. “Nice pipe, huh? Can I smoke it now?”

Then, Ray J appears to blow marijuana smoke into Kardashian’s mouth.

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  1. Sammy says

    Even if she was high on X,she wasn’t high when they planned the video shoot. It had nothing to do with her decision.That sextape was a publicity stunt that has obviously worked for her. Why is she trying to make excuses for it know?
    I bet that’s not the first or only sextape she did. Ray J is probably the biggest named celeb who didn’t mind them releasing footage on.
    It’s a little late in the game for her to try and play victim...

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