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Gospel Singer, Olubunmi Adeyeye Reveals Her Best Song Was Composed When She Was Depressed

My best song was composed when I was depressed – Adeyeye

Gospel singer, has revealed that she composed her best song when she battling with depression.

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, the singer spoke on how she was abandoned by friends and people she cherished so much, to the extent that she almost gave up.

“We are launching two songs today, ‘You Are The Lord,’ and ‘I Turn To You.’ The song, ‘I Turn To You’ was composed about three years ago during the toughest period of my life. There was an incident that happened to me.

I would not want to delve much into it but it had to do with some social issues that I would not want to remind myself about.

My friends and people around me abandoned me and I felt neglected to the point that I almost gave up. It was a time of depression but during that time, one day, I sat on the floor and began to weep, the song just came to me; everything just came to me including the chorus. Everything just came to me.

“As I finished singing the song, I heard the voice of God and it said to me that it was a song I must compose because it is not meant for me alone.

The voice told me that the song helped me during my time of difficulty and it was meant to help other people during their time of difficulty as well.

Since then, I have held on to the song till recently when I went to the studio to record and release the song. I have always had the passion for gospel music; I have been doing it for years.”

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