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Ghanaian Actress, Rosemond Brown Gets Slammed By Fans For Sharing A Sultry Bikini Photo

Teen actress Rosemond Brown under fire for sharing bikini photo

Young Ghanaian actress, has been savagely slammed by her fans on Instagram after she shared a sultry bikini photo.

Rosemond Brown, had stepped out wearing only a bikini revealing enough to expose her private part which also gave an indication that the teen actress had not had a shave in a while.

Her fans were however not happy with the photo. Some of them wondered why on earth one would expose her body in such a manner on social media.
Others described the photos as “disgusting” complaining that if it would be embarrassing if Rosemond Brown’s children grow up to see their mother in such a bad light.

For instance, an Instagram user, Akua, complained that Rosemond Brown should be advised to “shave before exposing because it is disgusting”:
@akua.darko: “Is that black bush I am seeing? Please tell her to shave before exposing!! Disgusting!!!!
Ahuofe wrote in the Twi language that she had not seen anyone who would be so hungry for fame that going naked would be an option:
@ahocfe: “Kyere s3 menam menam.. I have never seen such a person who is so attention and fame hungry and will go any extent for fame like this girl!! What at all is she looking for? Ei 3y3 asem oo.”
Kuma also described the photo as disgusting saying it would be bad that one day the actress’ children would find such photos on the internet:
@Kumasikala: “Woaa look as if she won’t grow up one day. Hmmm your kids will come and see this one day and what will you do if you see your baby girl doing this?”

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