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Ghanaian Actress, Juliet Ibrahim Shoots Her Shot At Jim Seuh Of ‘Kupe Boys’ On IG

Juliet Ibrahim Shoots Her Shot At ‘Kupe Boy’ On Instagram

Ghanaian actress, has been showing interest in one of Kupe boys on Instagram for a while now.

Juliet Ibrahim has been all over one of the ‘Kupe’ guys Instagram page ever since they broke the internet with their video.

Having ended her relationship with Iceberg, the beautiful actress is yet to enter into a new relationship.

Though many guys would die to win her heart, it seems her eyes are on someone else.

Juliet Ibrahim has been stalking Jim Seuh of Kupe boys for sometime now.

The actress all of a sudden has become a regular commenter on the guys Instagram post.

In one of his posts, she popped up with “Tuez-moi-déja” ─ translating in English, “Kill me already” accompanied by a love emoji

In another post, Jim Seuh asked who was ready for tonight, then Miss Juliet Ibrahim reacted, “Meeeee”.—LOL.

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