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Actress, Teniola ReveaIs She Pretended To Be Engaged In Order To Get An Apartment In Lagos

I pretended to be engaged in order to get an apartment in Lagos – Actress Teniola

Nollywood actress, Teniola  A. Aladese has taken to her social media to reveal that she pretended to be engaged in order to get an apartment in Lagos state.

Sharing the below image she wrote about how she had to lie that she was engaged so as to get an apartment. She also claimed that landlords discriminate based on tribe when billing for rent.

She wrote;

House Hunting in Lagos. Today, I succumbed to pretending to be engaged in order to get an apartment. I had gotten tired of not getting an apartment because some landlords have chosen to regard me as the ‘Irresponsible single woman’.

And I had lost out on good apartments in good locations owing to this reason. Check this. You are a single independent woman. You have a job.

You can pay your rent. But hey, they don’t want you because you are single and they think you may live irresponsibly and bring various men to their house… Whose business is that anyway? A few houses/landlords I’ve gone to had issues with me at first because they thought I was Igbo (A lot of people think I look Igbo).

An agent even had me speak Yoruba to him and a little bit of Ondo to prove that I am Yoruba. An agent also had me know that a landlord had set a certain rent fee for a Yoruba tenant and an entirely different fee (N100,000 higher!) for someone of another tribe.

Who does that?! Who else has gone through hell to find an apartment in Lagos? Please share. And yes, I’m still on the quest to finding an apartment in Lagos.

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