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Actress, Charity Nnaji Get Slammed By Mompha For Calling Him Stingy After Begging For Money

Mompha shames actress Charity Nnaji for calling him stingy after begging for money

Actress, has been savagely slammed by Dubai-based Nigerian big boy, for calling him stingy because he refused give her money she begged for.

Mompha who shared a screenshot of their chat, stated that some people are ‘born to be online beggars’. See his post below;

Recall that few months ago, the shamed actress Charity Nnaji claimed she got a birthday car gift from a secret admirer on Instagram. According to the Charity Nnaji, she was not expecting the gift and it came in as a surprise. She mentioned in her post that it all started as WhatsApp status she shared about being bored.

Charity Nnaji wrote:

It all started like this ,,I update my whats app status with the caption BORED,,a fan repiled back to my status asking me why I was bored ,,,I told him so many things is making me feel bored ,,he replied LIKE what and what do you really want,,surprisely I said I need a car as a birthday gift .

he replied (JUST THAT) and to my greatest surprise ,he said consider it done,,,pls if you want to hear the rest of the testimony kindly find your way to my church where I will be sharing the rest of the testimony, indeed our God is a wonderful God ,I just join the league of small girls with big God ,,#small girl with big God,nollywood finest #,give it shall be given unto you.

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