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Tania Omotayo Gets Slammed After Defending Her Husband, Sumbo

Nigerian stylist, have gotten what she never bargained for from a pissed off Instagram user, the stylist who took to Instagram earlier to defend her husband, Sumbo after a page allegedly owned by him called out an ex, has been savagely slammed by a trolls.

This came after Sumbo, shared shared explicit contents of his ex identified as Tolu, accusing her of trying to destroy his marriage by feeding blogs with the secrets they shared. In one of the videos he shared, Tolu was spotted half-naked on a bed FaceTiming with someone.

From the post on the page allegedly owned by Sumbo, Tolu was accused of cheating on Tania Omotayo’s husband numerous times before his engagement to Tania. Here are some posts below;

Reacting to the claims, Tania Omotayo wrote;

He doesn’t have an Instagram account. You guys need to try harder lol there is no drama in my own paradise sha.

However an IG user wrote;

@taniaomotayo so why was a previously locked account operating since February with all of Summy’s pictures, tagging his friends and promoting @mybuzzbarr ? My dear u need to try harder to convince people u are not a fool because @wizkidayo dumped u and u landed on any yahoo boy that will have u

This is not the first time Tania Omotayo has been called out over Sumbo. Few months ago, a blogger claimed she was being tackled by Tania for exposing her relationship with Sumbo.

According to 9jagistlive2018, Tania Omotayo who is now reportedly known for stooping so low in Lagos to date yahoo boys because of handbags, was spotted with the guy identified as Summy at Buzz barr.

The report reads;

Tania instead of you reporting ma post, face your life.  U r dating an alleged sick yahoo boy for handbags. Will you deny this? Is this not you nd our Summy at Buzz Barr? The person who posted this did a Post and Delete, because Tania told him to. stop hiding, or you don’t want people to know how low you have stooped in Lagos?

Tania and our Summy holding hands, they feel they are safe at buzz Barr amongst friends other than that they are hiding because Tania doesn’t want it to affect her runs 🐸 video above in my insta stories!

my dear it was day before yesterday, while she is making noise on social media claiming @tiwasavagewants her life

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