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See Exchange Between Seyi Law And A Follower Over His Tribute To Tosyn Bucknor

Just as so many celebrities and Nigerians are mourning over the death of , comedian, took to his social media to pen down a captivating tribute to her but an observant follower has dragged the comedian on instagram over his tribute.

Seyi Law had written;

I am not sure your energy was comparable. You were one of the kindest persons, I have ever seen. You were too adorable. You were the life of the party. A voice that gave beauty to our radio. You were one of the best human beings, I have ever known.
Tosin Bucknor, I celebrate your impacts and what you stood for.
Heaven has yet again robbed us of an angel. May your soul find peace and be beautiful in the bosom of our Lord.
Rest on and well, my dearest sister.

However reacting to this, an observant follower wrote;

LIFE HMM one of the Kindest but I ‘ve never seen a post of her on ur timeline talking so good bout her? No block Me bro just observation @seyilaw1 No Disrespect bro but why are people especially Nigeria’s so fast to write a full Novel when u ‘re gone than celebrating the Person when he or she is alive #LIFE 😩 just observation bro RIP SO SAD REST IN PEACE

Replying this, Seyi Law wrote;

@khing.zee why do you think I have to post about to celebrate her. How many times have I posted about my mother? Does that mean I don’t celebrate her? This picture was from an earlier post of me and her. You people do I too know. Do you know when will saw and what I told her? Keep your energy for something else. God bless you.

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