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Rapper, Cardi B Visits Her Elementary School, Reunites With Teacher

Cardi B goes back to her elementary school to reunite with her 1st grade teacher

Popular American female rapper, decided to visit her elementary school years after graduating, the rapper also reunited with her 1st grade teacher, Yvette Coporan.

The multiple award-winning was spotted at P.S. 128 Audubon earlier this month in NYC’s Washington Heights neighbourhood where she went to school from first through third grades.

It is also learnt that the I Like It rapper showed up unannounced during lunchtime. The surprise drop-in also made for a sweet reunion between Cardi and her 1st-grade teacher, Yvette Coporan, who’s still teaching at the school after all these years.

They posed for a picture with Cardi B making her signature duck face.

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