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Male Barbie, Bobrisky Reveals He Is More Beautiful Than Most Girls

Popular Nigerian male barbie, has revealed that he is more beautiful than many ladies in a recent interview with Broadway TV.

He also said that he doesn’t know if he’s still a guy because he has all the attributes of a female.

He was asked whether at this stage, he identifies as male or female, he responded saying he is more beautiful than some ladies, he claims he has bigger breasts and buttocks than some women, so he gets confused whether he’s male or female.

He said;

“Even me i’m confused if i’m a guy, I’m finer than many girls so me i’m even confused sef. And i’m even growing boobs too, so you can see, plenty things, i even have ass sef, if i stand up now i have bum bum. So even me i’m confused if i’m a girl or a guy because i am way way prettier than many ladies out there”

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