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Kemi Olunloyo Accuses Linda Ikeji Of Stealing Sholaye Jeremi Sperm After They Made out In A Hotel

Kemi Olunloyo calls linda ikeji a sperm thief

Popular Nigerian journalist, who has called out veteran blogger, on so many occassions has recently accused the blogger of stealing her baby daddy sperm after a bout of sex at a hotel.

Though a lot of social media enthusiast believes Kemi might be quite bogus in her claims sometimes, but this particular allegation seems to be corroborating ’s claims when she had a clash with Linda recently.

Stella had called Linda Ikeji a Sperm Thief.

Read Kemi’s write-up below:

Sholaye Jeremi is planning to splash some cash on his favourite past time this Christmas and it ain’t women. It’s more exotic cars.

Jeremi is already the owner of one of the top notch Rolls Royce’s. The Delta big boy has distanced himself from Linda Ikeji’s baby Jayce after allegations that she took his used condom from a hotel encounter to an IVF clinic to impregnate her eggs and have a surrogate carry it.

Journalist and Professional Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus recently called Linda a “sperm thief”. I reported a bulk of the surrogacy story. Linda ruined my brand and I forgave her for that part.

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