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“I Give My Tithe To The Needy Most Times, They Need It More Than The Church” – John Dumelo

Veteran Ghanaian actor, has revealed he prefers giving his tithe to the needy because they need it more than the church.

Tithing is one of the most controversial topics among Christians in the 21 Century, as many disagree on how it should be given.

In fact, there are even some churches that do not believe in the process of tithing and insist on not paying their tithes.

Dumelo, though, appears to believe in tithing, but says he often gives his to the needy rather than to the church.
In a Twitter post, which he has since deleted, the star actor said he doesn’t know if his actions are wrong, but believes the needy need such monies more than the church.
“I give my tithe to the needy most of the time. I think they need it more than the ‘church’. I don’t know if it’s wrong,” he wrote.

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