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Actor, Gbenro Ajibade Denies Being Gay

Popular Nollywood Actor, who was recently accused of being gay by fans after he  shared some photos of himself, showing off his nipple piercing.

The actor captioned one of the photos with an LGBT Rainbow Logo, which  is a sign used by the gay and lesbian community. After realizing the  meaning,  Gbenro Ajibade removed  the LGTB symbol “🌈” from his post .

He further explained;

“Shoutout to @[email protected] @[email protected] for the knowledge.So I would naturally not say but i feel at the end of the day we as human beings learn on a daily basis and with the platform I have,would be nice to impact same knowledge to my lovely followers that don’t know so they won’t make same mistake. DONT GET IT TWISTED M NOT TRYING TO PROVE A POINT TO NOBODY COS I DONT GIVE A F**K!!!For those who don’t know (even tho in my context I was obviously referring to the actual weather)this is for you: � emoji is ALSO a symbol for the ‘LBGT’ movement (lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender)Fortunately or unfortunately for y’all I AM NONE OF THE ABOVE!!!!…check my records�Am only explaining for those that didn’t know till today like me.So please stop having my dm’s adulterated(you know yourselves!�And bout my piercings…hey there are just 4years old and am only on the 7th one��”

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