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Singer, Muma Gee Speaks On Failed Marriage With Actor, Eke

Singer, in a recent interview with the Entertainers spoke on her failed marriage with popular, Actor and her future marriage plans.


What is your take on marriage and being a superstar?

To be sincere with you, I have always believed that before you go into marriage, you have to be ready and if you are not ready, don’t get in. So, I never believed in separation or divorce but unfortunately the things you believe in sometimes do not work out for you the way you believe them. The reality of life sometimes hits you and forces you into what is different from your ideology. So, now that I have fallen into the category of celebrities that were once married and no longer married, I am not regretting because I got three lovely children from a marriage that failed like two years back after only six years of the union. And in anyway, I will never regret having been married to the person I got married to, because that was God’s plan for me at that time. And when it didn’t work out the way I expected, I didn’t give up on life. It is only painful that I don’t believe in divorce or separation but separation met me.

So, my take on marriage is: think very well, be sure of yourself and make sure you are ready to settle down in the marriage before you go into it. If you noticed, for the six years I was married, I stayed off my career. I played down on my career not because I couldn’t be married and also be a star, but because I wanted to be sure I gave all to my marriage; and truly between God and man, I gave it all. I hung up my career and made sure I built a family and I actually built a good family but if it turned out the way it did, who am I to question God? Now, I don’t want to cast my mind back because I have moved on and life goes on.

Do you hope to remarry soon?

(Laughs) That’s funny! I am not even sure of an answer to that question. I am one that likes to leave my life in God’s hands. And I like God to take control. Even when I was to separate from my husband, I said to God ‘I have tried a couple of times to hold this turbulent water but the water keeps dripping off my hands, then God let your will be done’. So, if He says I’m going to be remarried, I will, and if He says no, I will be highly fulfilled with three beautiful kids. Honestly, I am letting God take over my life. Now, if I should decide to remarry, how am I sure this person will be better than the previous one? So, let God’s will be done in my life. What is important to me now is telling everybody out there, especially the Nigerian youths, to double their hustles.

Any plan to reconcile with your husband?

For now, all I am doing is give total attention to my new song, ‘Double Your Hustle’. My mind hardly travels that lane, while I let God take total control of my life on what to be or not.

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