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Rapper, Cardi B Reveals Why Her Husband, Offset Can Never Leave Her

is confident her husband Offset is going nowhere and she has explained why that is so.

The rapper said she has “fat girl pu**y”. She said she’s been around men a lot and they tell her that’s the best kind because it’s “warm”. She went on to say that even though she is a slim girl, she’s lucky to have the kind of genitals “fat girls” are known to have and that’s why she’s “cocky”.

She added:

That’s why I’m cocky.

‘Cause I look up in the mirror sometimes and be like ‘God da*n, I look f**ked up.’ It’s OK though ’cause I gat good pu**y. Where a ni**a going? Nowhere.

He aint going nowhere, not with this good ass pu**y. Not with this good ass f***ing mouth, weird ass mouth, deep ass throat, deep motherf***ing throat.

If I’m drunk, I might put the whole d*** and the balls in my mouth.

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