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Popular Songstress, Rihanna Is Reportedly Pregnant

Singer, has taken a long break from music to do other things she love, she was recently spotted in africa where she was carrying out some charity works.

According to MTO News, there is a reliably confirmation that Rihanna and her billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel are expecting a child together.

According to a person extremely close to Rihanna, the couple have been trying to get pregnant for months now, and now it appears that it finally happened.

And report says that Rihanna is so excited about her new bundle of joy that she accidentally posted about her new baby on social media last night. Rihanna revealed that her “due date” was June 5th. Rihanna quickly realized that wasn’t a good idea, and she removed the post , but not before MTO News snapped a screenshot .

Going by the date on the due date, Rihanna is reportedly one month pregnant. Newsmen spoke with one of Rihanna’s unofficial spokespeople and they confirmed that Rihanna is pregnant.

Here’s Rihanna’s post before it was deleted.

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