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Read Actress, Tonto Dikeh’s Message For 2019

Veteran Nollywood actress, ’s has taken to her social media account to dish out a sweet message to usher her fans into the New year 2019.

The outspoken actress who is known to always give her opinions on life issues consistently via her page, wants everyone to be true to themselves and stay tuned to reality  by not living their lives to please other people via The Gram

2019 message
It’s that time of the year where we all show off what the lord has done for us in the previous 364 days.

It’s that time of the year where we share our testimonies to inspire the masses and stir up the multitudes.

A new year is upon us so let me get to the point. The reason for this write up is to reach out to a certain group of people. Those who may react in an adverse manner to hearing these yearly testimonies.

Those who may get induced into depression upon hearing these ever powerful testimonies.

Now what most do not understand is that people are good story tellers and screen writers. In telling these testimonies, most people do not include the rigorous ups and downs and losses one experiences before the testimony.

They do not include the vigorous phases they passed in which they themselves nearly gave up for good.

I need you all to know that many live their life for the gram. It may come as a surprise to you but I assure you that you may be better of than most of these people uploading flashy enticing posts on social media. Anyone can take a photo shoot and smile. Anyone can distort an image online.

I’m in no way trying to put anyone down. I also make these type of posts.
What I am trying to tell you is to live your life! Be grateful for yourself. Be grateful for your own experiences that shaped and strengthened you.

If we where to exchange shoes today neither of us may survive a day.

My point is read and appreciate everyone’s testimony but do not be depressed by them. Be bold in your own journey. Understand that the same way it happened to them it could equally happen to you if you work hard and keep pushing.

Instagram is a world on its own. Some never make it back to reality. I’M GLAD I MADE IT BACK
Stay true to your real self and trust God in 2019
I love you all,SEE YOU IN 2019!!

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