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Popular Lagos Socialite, Louise Priddy Calls Out Park After Her Son Got Injured

Lagos socialite, Louise Priddy, calls out park after son suffered injury

Popular Lagos club owner and socialite, has taken to her social media account to call out a trampoline park in Lagos after her son sustained a severe injured while playing in their premises.

According to Louise, the unprofessional attitude of the park owners caused the injury her son suffered while playing on one of the unsafe trampolines in the park.

She added that since the kid got injured, no one from the park has called to tender any apology nor to inform her of measures taken to ensure that another child doesn’t suffer same fate.

To her surprise, when she returned to the park, she found out that business was still going on as usual.

She went on to share messages she says were sent by others detailing how several kids had been injured in that same park in the past.

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