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Aunty Shaggi Reveals She’s Not A Threat To Broda Shaggi’s Girlfriend

I’m not a threat to Broda Shaggi’s girlfriend – Aunty Shaggi

has explained to her fans that she is not a threat to ’s girlfriend, just after the Instagram comedian bought her a car.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, Aunty Shaggi maintained that she had a boyfriend. Speaking about her relationship, she said:

“My boyfriend knows that what is between Broda Shaggi and me is work. Also, I don’t think Broda Shaggi’s girlfriend sees me as a threat too.”

Aunty Shaggi also stated that the car gift came as a surprise to her too. She said,

“When the car was presented to me, it took me about 20 minutes to come to terms with it. I kept shouting that it was a lie. It was an amazing feeling and I felt overwhelmed. This is my first car.”

Describing 2018 as her year of rebirth, she said,

“Last year was great for me. I was accepted by Broda Shaggi, which gave me the needed exposure. I visited the United Kingdom and started my own initiative, A Date with the Counsellor. As if all these were not enough testimonies, God crowned it all with the gift of a car from Samuel Perry.”

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