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Actress, Mimi Orjikwe Shares Current Worth Of Gift Her Ex Bought For Her In 2012

Mimi Orjikwe reveals current worth of gift she received from her ex in 2012

Nollywood Actress, has shared the current worth of gift her ex-boyfriend bought for her in the year 2012.

According to the actress, the gold and diamond encrusted wristwatch she received on her birthday in that year from the ex is now worth a whooping $60,000 (N21,900,000.00).

She although did not mention how much it was purchased for in 2012. It is very much likely she may not know since it was a gift.

Mimi Orjikwe, who was married to actor and producer Charles Pius also revealed that though the producer is the father of her daughter, he holds no title in the life of the girl other than just an ordinary father.

She then further stated that he is not worthy to be called a dad because he is not showing any responsibility towards the development of the child.

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