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Noun TMA Portal Login Page is now active.

Portal Login Page – National Open University of Nigeria TMA – To those facing difficulties in accessing the Noun TMA Portal Login Page, Here’s a good news for everyone. NOUN TMA Portal 2018 is now active.

NOUN TMA Portal Login Page – National Open University of Nigeria TMANoun TMA Portal login Page link was more visible on the former noun student portal login website (www.noun.edu.ng) – if you could remember.

But this Noun New Portal 2018 – www.nouonline.net got it hidden. Making it tough and unseen for most new noun student.

So since this guide was made to solve the issue of not getting to know how to login into the noun tma portal student login area, you’ve got nothing to worry.


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Here’s the thing, the Nouonline Portal tma login link is right in front of your screen staring at you right now, and for you to see it; you’ll need to read further to the Noun student login portal procedure.

National Open University of Nigeria TMA Explained

Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) is a marking scheme for NOUN, and it contributes 30% of the student total mark. Point to Note, this same as Test in other learning institutions.

The Student is expected to answer or submit Three (3) NOUN TMA. Then, her Best three solved TMAs will be selected and marked by 30%.

The Assignment is to be done at your pace and convince in as much as you don’t exceed the giving time (deadline) for submission because it has a closing date.

Then, the final examination takes 70% score mark hence, making TMAs necessary if a student must come out with a more excellent result.

Want to access your Tutor-marked assignments TMA Portal? To begin TMA submission? See,

NOUN TMA Portal Login Procedures for New and Returning Student

1. Go to the national open university of Nigeria tma website> Nouonline.net


Noun TMA Portal Login Page is now active.

2. Click on the “Noun Student Login.” found at the Nouonline Portal homepage.

And at the Noun Portal Login index – https://www.nouonline.net/gstud_login.php, enter your National open university student matric number, Noun student login password and click the “Submit” button.

noun tma student portal


Now you should be on your Nouonline student profile page.

3. In the Noun studware menu options. Click on “Courses” (the link before Upload Your Photo and after Manage Wallet).

N/B: if done right, you’ll be at the Nouonline Portal tma profile page – https://www.tmanouonline.net/profile.php

4. Select Second Semester 2018. Click on Submit > Proceed 2018/2 Exams

5. Finally, click on “Take TMA” to start the TMA solving processes for each exam course registered.

Tutor Marked Assignment(TMA) is based on your Exam Registration.
It is necessary for you to attempt at least three(3) of your Noun TMA for each Noun registered courses inorder to be eligible to take final exams.

Please note that TMA 1 must be completed before attempting TMA 2 and so on.

  1. Honorable says

    pls i have finished my TMA before the portal was short down. when is it going to be open pls

  2. Faseyitan A.O says

    hi,you are doing a great job please/ carry it on. l have learn a lot through your question and answer.You are touching live.empowering people.My appreciation,cheers.[Noun student]stay blessed,faseyitan

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